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I take my coffee black, my salads simple and my steak "moo-ing!" I believe food has the power to forge bridges, heal hearts and nourish the body. I'm excited to welcome you to my table! 

I'm June, a small town girl from the mid west with a long family history of farm to table. 

My love for cooking came from my desire to heal my body from the inside out.

In 2015, I was struggling with inflammation, and internal gut issues. Every day was a struggle and I knew that something had to give. That was when I decided to take control of my health, and I found my way back to the kitchen. 

Healthy eating isn't about counting fat grams, dieting, cleanses and antioxidants; it's about eating food untouched from the way we find it in nature in a balanced way.

Like so many, I got my start in my Grandma's kitchen on Sunday mornings, with sticky fingers and warm hugs! But I had no idea at the time, the role that food would play in my health journey.

- Curtis Stone -

"Cooking is a caring and nurturing act. It's kind of the ultimate gift for someone, to cook for them."

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